Responsive Website for Tablets

Pro Impact Website shown on Samsung Tablet

Smartphones and Tablets account for over 55% for accessing information and search on the internet. It’s the current trend for consumers on the go in today’s busy world.

Have you ever tried to search a site that does not adapt to your mobile unit? When a website viewed on a mobile device is non-responsive, drop off rates increase dramatically. If viewing a Responsive Design website, the viewing screen adapts to fit to the size of the device.

Because the vast number of mobile device users, it is vital that your business incorporates responsiveness into their on-line presence.

Smartphone Website

Same Pro Impact Website shown on Samsung Smartphone

Pro Impact’s websites are developed with the capability of being responsive to PC’s, smartphones and tablets. Our designers use specific codes that are compatible with all mobile devices so the viewing pane adapts for increased readability. These easy-to-use navigational options results in greater exposure for your business.

Here are some statistics that you need to know about the trend in mobile device users.

    • More than 307 Million People of all US Citizens have a Smartphone. That number represents 86% of Americans.
    • Web browsing came in at second for the most popular apps on smartphones.
    • Tablets, originally marketed as a media consumption device became an instant success and as of the end of 2022, over 222 million or 68% of Americans used a tablet. This statistic continues to increase.
    • The sales of tablets exceeded the sales of desktops and laptops combined for many years.

Pro Impact Responsive Websites are an essential tool in today’s mobile-friendly environment.