Small Business Growth

You have less than 15 – 30 seconds to make a positive on-line impression. After that time, viewers will either drop off and search your competition or leave with an unfavorable image of your company, your products, or services.

Your company image is everything; make it amazing. Pro Impact is a web design firm that specializes in making your Small Business stand out among the competition. Have a new business and not sure how to promote your niche or identity? We’ll help you define your purpose and sales goals to lead you on the path of success. Together we’ll create a dynamic website that will be essential in building your business on-line. Success is just a website away.


Our philosophy is to design clear, clean, and easy to navigate custom website designs which stand out and produce results.  What sets us apart from other web designers is our experience of entrepreneurship in every aspect of our work, our ability to find growth opportunities for our clients, and our dedication to our client’s success.


A strong on-line presence is crucial in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Our websites are designed and developed in encompass 5 essential elements; Uniqueness, aesthetics, usability, visibility, and online marketing. We tailor a website that works in harmony with your brand and identity that are not only beautiful, but memorable.


We are evolving into a mobile world at the speed of light. Don’t allow your viewer to lose interest in your company due to the poor navigation of a non-responsive website. Our designs are responsive and compatible for all mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. This feature allows for easy navigation for photo galleries, slideshows, and videos.


Our technical team is experienced in maintaining the functionality your forms, links, email accounts and page errors. We also offer security updates, storage and backup of data, performance modifications. Many monthly hosting and maintenance/support plans are available.


Your logo is your unique identification mark. We can create a logo that is company focused, appealing, and easily recognized. We’ll blend color, shapes and fonts together to form an eye-catching logo that can be used in your website, printed materials, and promotional products.


Once you have a dynamic website, don’t make the mistake and let it work on its own. How often have you visited a website that you felt has not been touched in many months or even years! Keep your website updated with fresh content, current news, and blogs. Providing relevant information on a regular basis will create a “buzz” and put your company as an authority for your industry. Combine your news with thorough social media that links back to your site for a well-rounded campaign that gets your name recognized and on top of the list.


With our website analysis, you can be sure if your current website is aesthetically pleasing, effective and operating as it should. Often times, viewers will drop off due to difficulty in navigating your website, or poor functionality. Our detailed analysis is packed with valuable data to help you improve visitor traffic and duration. If a redesign of an obsolete website is necessary, we can correct technical issues or do a complete overhaul to get the results you desire.