Logo Design

They say that first impressions last. The first impression of your business is your logo. An impressive logo is one of the most important design elements of your company. It is the first step to brand identity.

Many notable companies or products can be recognized simply by the shape and colors of their logos. For example, Motorola, Coca Cola, Nike and BMW’s logos reflect their corporate identity without the use of text. Conversely, a company using a bland logo or no logo at all can be difficult to recall.

When your logo makes an immediate impact with the consumer, your brand will be easily recognized.  It is your unique identification mark. An appealing, yet simple design is the key to being remembered.

The Pro Impact Design team will create a logo around your company’s identity to create a great first impression. We’ll blend color, shapes and fonts together to form an eye-catching logo that can be used in your website, printed materials, and promotional products. We can also incorporate your company’s message and objectives.

The Design Process:

Complete the Logo Design Worksheet. This worksheet will answer key points on the look and feel of your final design. We take this valuable information and add some imagination and creativity to the drawing board. The result will be several logos design concepts for which you will choose one. With your feedback, we’ll modify color, fonts, and text size until you are happy with your final design.

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